Yasuna Oribe
Yusuna Oribe


High School Girl









Manga Debut

Chapter 01

Anime Debut

Episode 01

Voice Actor

Chinatsu Akasaki (Japanese)
Hilary Haag (English)



Yasuna Oribe  (な 部 や す な ¿Oribe Yasuna?) Es la protagonista principal del anime / manga Kill Me Baby. Ella es ingenua, infantil y fácilmente influenciable, y generalmente se encuentra con su mejor amiga Sonya .

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An concest picture of Yasuna with profile appearance, back appearance, face expressions and a chibi of herself.

Yasuna is a normal high school student, who has short dark brown hair with bangs parted in the middle and dark brown eyes. She also has small chin-length strands. She also has light suntanned skin.

Her school uniform consists of a white button-up dress shirt with long sleeves and flaps which appear to be outside and wears a quite short red tie. She wears a dark grey long sleeved blazer with small 2 pairs golden buttons on the ends of the blazer. She wears a blackish-grey skirt with white ankle socks and dark brown tassel loafers. She sometimes wears a short sleeved white button up dress shirt in without the blazer.


Yasuna is the main character of the show.

She constantly gets on Sonya's nerves. In the last episode of the anime she and Sonya fall down a hole Sonya tricks her into getting out and threatens to leave her down there then Yasuna cries and begs for Sonya to forgive her for all the times she did anything idiotic. Sonya accepts it pulls her out then they leave the area and dance together. She constantly brings stuff, showing it to Sonya, which often empties all her money and makes her unable to buy a lunch.


  • Yasuna's character song are HOW TO ENJOY and Kyou mo Futari de that sung by her voice actor, Chinatsu Akasaki.
  • She spelled over 186 times "Sonya" (in the japanese version) in the anime. You can see the video here.
  • She got physically hurted around 288 times in the anime. You can see the video here.
  • It's implied that she might be inmortal.

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