Espers, Curses, Rainy Days and Sumo
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date January 19, 2012
Written by Kaduho
Directed by Yoshiki Yamakawa
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Espers, Curses, Rainy Days and Sumo  (Esupa Noroeba Ame Sumō, えすぱのろえばあめすもう) is the third episode of "Kill Me Baby" anime series. Aired on January 19, 2012.


Yasuna goes up to the camera and says "Nihao" to the viewers then gets choked by Sonya again. Yasuna watches someone bend a spoon on tv and wants to try it out herself so the next day at school Yasuna brings two spoons to school and tries to bend them, she and Sonya try to do many other Esp when later Agiri shows up and tells a fork to bend and it bends which surprises Yasuna and Sonya. Yasuna brings a voodoo doll to school and has Sonya bend it in weird positions while she tries to keep up with what its doing later Sonya poses it which causes Yasuna to fall down the stairs so in the classroom Yasuna and the voodoo doll both wear bandages covering their heads. It rains so Yasuna tries to get it to stop by attempting to do many things such as making a teru teru bozu, making charms and finally she goes outside to play in that's when it finally stops. Unused Character shows up to the school to get revenge on Yasuna and Sonya for not being included in the show, she tries to enter but she is prohibited meanwhile Yasuna pulls out a yellow target mask and has Sonya wear it but it scares her so badly that she lets her take it off ,back to the Unused Character she hides in a bush to avoid being seen meanwhile Yasuna pulls out her stuffed toy rabbit called "Pyonsuke" to cheer her up which she ambushes when Yasuna talks in an annoying squeaky voice which causes them to get into a physical fight then the Unused character opens the door only to find out that she is in the wrong classroom then Yasuna and Sonya go outside to do sumo wrestling then the Unused character searches on top of the school roof to find them she sees them down below and jumps down only to find nothing down there then she walks up the steps and sees them walking so she runs at them only to be stopped when Yasuna puts on the yellow target mask which scares her super badly she runs off to a grassy area where she sits down and cries then she prays to god but god refuses to grant her wish. Yasuna takes a look at some plants when a caterpillar shows up on her shoulder which scares Sonya causing her to run away Yasuna thinks Sonya thought she was scary so Yasuna runs after Sonya feeling happy that she finally managed to scare Sonya.

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