Nunchuks, Bears and Balloons
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date January 12, 2012
Written by Kaduho
Directed by Yoshiki Yamakawa
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Nunchuks, Bears and Balloons (Waza Nunchaku de Kuma Fuusen, わざぬんちゃくでくまふうせん) is the second episode of "Kill Me Baby" anime series. Aired on January 12, 2012.


Yasuna runs up to the camera and says good morning in Spanish then she goes up to Sonya who attacks her. In the classroom Yasuna begs Sonya to teach her the defenses she uses but she refuses. On the roof Yasuna brings out a pair of Nunchuks and asks Sonya to try them out and gets jealous that Sonya can use them without being able to whack herself in the head with it, the next day she brings nunchuk rolls but some crows took them. After school Yasuna and Sonya get lost in a forest and walks upon a crepe stand so they get some crepes, Yasuna wonders around and finds a newspaper about an escaped bear on the loose she decides to scare Sonya so she walks back to Sonya and Sonya points at the bear who was behind her the whole time, the bear smells Yasuna's crepe and wants to eat it so Yasuna eats it making the bear enraged so he goes after them which causes Sonya to try to beat him with a stick but she gets scared and climbs up a pole and Agiri shows up using her tricks to get rid of the bear but she only draws him closer then she leaves but eventually gets taken down when Yasuna slams her head into him very hard. Yasuna finds a fan and shows Sonya it which causes her to hit her with it Yasuna then acts like a dog which causes her to hit her even more. Yasuna gets hiccups and Sonya gets annoyed by them so she chokes Yasuna. Yasuna stares out the window when a bee shows up they try to get rid of the bee but has no hope of doing so then Agiri shows up and rescues them. On the way out of school to home Yasuna and Sonya see a flying ball, Sonya pulls out knives and stabs them causing them to hit back which causes Yasuna to laugh at her then some boys throw a ball at her causing her to stop laughing. Yasuna and Sonya walk down to the park where they see a little girl looking at a tree with a balloon Yasuna helps her but she causes the balloon to float high in the air and the little girl doesn't really care so she runs about, Yasuna counts to ten for hide and seek so Sonya walks to find a hiding spot when the little girl comes running up to her holding a knife and almost throws it at her when a police walks by so she distracts the little girl by playing tag with her, Yasuna opens her eyes and the wants them all to play together so she and the little girl hide then Sonya spots the little girl and she has to go home so she leaves the area and Sonya goes home to leaving Yasuna in a trash can alone which she stays in all night.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  • Yasuna Oribe
  • Sonya
  • Agiri Goshiki
  • Giant purple octopus
  • mini purple octopuses
  • White people
  • Yasuna's dark shadow
  • Sculpture of big fat bear
  • Nunchuk dragon
  • Yasuna with a bump
  • Two black crows
  • Chocolate banana stand owner
  • Crepe stand lady
  • Octopus dumplings stand man
  • Fried noodles stand man
  • Big fat bear
  • Yasuna acting like a dog
  • Yasuna's ghost
  • Bee
  • Narrator
  • Boys playing soccer
  • Lottery man
  • Little girl
  • Police man
  • >-<