Chapter 14 is the fourteenth chapter of the Kill Me Baby manga series.


A storm has been announced for tomorrow. Yasuna and Sonya will try to resist in the storm. During their pathway, Yasuna playing like she going to be fly way. Yasuna do the "Windward Punch" to Sonya. Yasuna throw her bag to Sonya, she dodge it instead and Yasuna do the "Windward Punch" on Sonya again. Sonya dodge her and catch her, but Yasuna escaped. By the wind, a seed enter to Sonya's eyes which it make her blinded, she accidentely go to a market and scare people.

Later in school, Yasuna make a Teruteru Bouzu that look like Sonya. Yasuna make many one over the other and grip it beside a window. The wind cut the rope and the Teruteru Bouzu flyind away. Suddently, a blackout start. Yasuna takes advantage the moment for ascend on her desk. The blackout end and all classmate sees Yasuna on her desk. After that, Yasuna realized she was out of money for lunch. Sonya go to the washroom and another blackout start. Automaticly end, Yasuna is behind her with a evil face and Sonya slapped her fast.

in the end of the day, Yasuna and Sonya takes a umbrella and go home. A frog go on Yasuna's head and ask Sonya to get it off of her hair. Abruptly the wind start and broke the unbrella. Yasuna notices another umbrella that there was a little cat in a box. Tomorrow in school, they where caught a cold and haven't go to school.

On a special part, the Unused Character was here. Sonya tell her there aren't any plans for her to show up and Yasuna absorbed all of her personality.

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  • In the end of the chapter, it explain why the Unused Character went revenge on Yasuna and Sonya in the anime.