Chapter 09 is the ninth chapter of the Kill Me Baby manga series.

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After school Yasuna wants to go check out a crepe shop in the park on their way home and drags Sonya along. They get lost on their way to the park but eventually manage to find the shop. Yasuna sees a newspaper in a trash can that warns of a bear that escaped the local zoo and decides to try and scare Sonya with it. The bear sneaks up behind Yasuna while she's trying to tell Sonya about it and contrary to her own advice attempts to play dead while also standing up.

Sonya figures out that the bear is after Yasuna's crepe and before she can tell her to feed it to the bear Yasuna eats it whole. Yasuna thinks that the bear might be used to humans and listen to them, she tries to give it a command but it doesn't listen. Sonya pole vaults over the bear with a broken tree branch and clings to the top of a pole for safety. Agiri then makes herself known and says she'll help Yasuna if she'll buy her a crepe and Yasuna agrees.

Agiri attempts to make the bear disappear by putting a curtain in front of him and removing it like a magic trick, but the bear gets closer instead of disappearing. Agiri leaves saying she doesn't think she can defeat a bear and Yasuna begs Sonya to come down and fight. Sonya refuses so Yasuna tries to climb up the pole but falls off on the bear knocking it out in the process.

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  • This chapter references the events of Chapter 06.