• GianaSistersFan64

    Hello everyone. I noticed many articles of anime episodes was a bit empty and i suggest to people by expanding them. I already expanded the episode 6 and added the chapter 14. Also all chapter was not made (maybe i will do some of them). I would be appreciated if people fix my grammar mistakes, because i'm french. The admin is inactive since April 2017 and that pretty a shame for other user and reader. I trust you all :)

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  • Aleexc

    Editing Woes...

    March 6, 2017 by Aleexc

    Alright, so in terms of new pages i've been lacking recently, but I actually have a pretty good excuse! I'm pretty new to writing summaries and want to get it just right, so that's why I haven't made any new chapter pages in a while. As soon as I get the pages for the first six chapters how I like them i'll start making more. Like I said earlier when i'm done with Volume 01 of the manga i'll start working on fixing up the episode pages. Bye!

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  • Aleexc

    Hey, Nice to Meet You!

    March 2, 2017 by Aleexc

    Hi my names Alex and I want to expand the Baby, Please Kill Me! Wiki to be the best it can be. Right now it seems i'm alone but if anybody would like to help please message me as soon as you can. Right now my main priority is getting pages for all the chapters in Volume 1 of the Manga and all the episodes of the anime. My biggest short coming is my ability to write summaries so if anyone is good at that and wants to fix my summaries by all means please do! Anyways back to editing, have a nice day!

    My Progress so Far:

    Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Chapter 03

    Chapter 04

    Chapter 05

    Chapter 06

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